Everything to expect after the tattoo

Updated: Apr 17

Don't worry, the tattoo from the beginning looks disgusting and is rough to the touch. The healing process takes about two to three weeks, you will feel itching, peeling, drying of the skin while it lasts.

Note: You will probably have to give up heavy exercise (sweating is undesirable because it opens the pores leading to infections and irritations), spa treatments and the beach. Use suitable products to make it easier to transition from hurt to healthy skin.

Gentle Cleansing Agent

You need to keep the area clean, so wash it twice a day with a delicate cleansing product with moisturizing properties. Allow the skin to breathe for a few minutes before drying it with a light patting with a cotton cloth.

Healing Balm

Hydration is the key to restoring skin after tattooing. But before you start to ointment your tattoo, it should take 2 days after the session during which you will be washing diligently the mucus that appears so that the tattoo is always dry.

If the place allows it already there is another option for the first days after tattooing and this is DERMALIZE PRO The new tattoo care solution, an ideal product for the treatment of new tattoos. DERMALIZE PRO replaces the foil used until now. Thin self-adhesive foil, which provides a humid environment during the initial and most critical stage of the tattoo healing.

It protects the new tattoo from rubbing and is a waterproof and antibacterial barrier. Protects against pathogenic and external contamination. The protective layer allows the place to breathe by omitting excess moisture from the inside out. DERMALIZE PRO is a lightweight wearable, flexible, silicone coating that can stay up to several days. Reduces the risk of infections and bark formation on the tattoo.

Then we recommend regular spreading (two-three times a day), which will help and the itching to go away. The synthetic protection cream should be recommended by your tattoo artist, but if he does not recommend anything or it seems too expensive, you can take plain coconut oil, which you can to smear your tattoo for the next two weeks.

Sun protect

UV rays make the ink fade faster (they depl

ete the pigment chemical structure) if the tattoo is on a visible place, daub it with sunscreen with the skin's sensitive mineral filters at present.

But the most important advice we can give you is communicating with your tattoo artist. He wants no less of you to keep his tattoo in perfect condition because you are a walking advertisement for him. At least once in the healing period, visit the studio again to make sure the tattoo is properly cared for.

If the tattoo artist doesn't want to do this, he doesn't care about you and your body, so don't repeat the mistake of going back there. Work with cool people!

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