Professional Tattoo Artist
+47 9987 19 06

Professional Tattoo Artist
+47 9987 19 06
My name is Lyubomir Grozdanov and I am 35 years old tattoo artist from Bulgaria.
I have been doing this kind of art approximately 15 years till now as I can say 10 of them professionally. I am a painter and I do art pretty much all of my life. I have studied at an art school.
At this moment of my life, I am really concentrating on my tattoo career and I am working at a tattoo Ålesund shop based in Ålesund, Norway, but I have a lot of art projects for the future.
The "Earth" without "Art" is just "Eh"
— Demetri Martin
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Norway, Ålesund, Keiser Wilhelms gate 36
Phone: +47 9987 19 06
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